The How

From September to May, clergy and members of participating houses of worship, spiritual and cultural communities take turns hosting the Fresno Multi-Faith Exchange for open and honest discussions about the host group's beliefs, practices, traditions, and members. The monthly meet and greets are free and open to all ages.


It's your chance to hear firsthand about religious beliefs, spiritual practices, and cultural traditions of others. You can discuss, learn and share with members of the host community without fear of ridicule, or hearing false information and prejudices from others.

The Fresno Multi-Faith Exchange invites you to learn of the religious, spiritual, and cultural communities found in California's Central Valley. Help us celebrate the rich diversity of religious and spiritual thought, beliefs, and practices; and help us protect the rights we all share to freely worship, or not worship, as we choose.

The Why

The Fresno Multi-faith Exchange is an educational based interfaith group that works to build stronger communities by breaking down false stereotypes and correcting misinformation about our religious, spiritual, and cultural communities.

Why listen to what someone else has to say about others when you can go and learn for yourself, firsthand, what it is others believe, practice, and hold dear. We feel that when people meet each other face-to-face, and get to know each other without someone else's prejudices in the way, then we can truly start to build respect and friendships with others who are different from ourselves.

With the Fresno Multi-Faith Exchange no one has to change they way they believe or how they choose to worhsip. We just want to give you the chance to learn the religious, spiritual, and cultural beliefs that are out there.